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St. Paul Cardinals - 2012 TAPPS Div III State Football Champions
The St. Paul Cardinals football team, coaches and managers pose with their medals
and the championship trophy on Friday, December 7th at Baylor's Floyd Casey Stadium.

photo courtesy of Lori Raabe

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last updated on 20 August 2013

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red line FALL 2012 SPORTS SCHEDULES red line

2012 St. Paul High School Cardinal Varsity Football

Day Date      Opponent                              Location  Time    W/L Score   

Sat Aug 18    Nixon Smiley                              Away  10:00am             
Thu Aug 23    Flatonia/Hallettsville (Scrimmage)        Away  TBA                 
Fri Aug 31    Pettus                                    Home  7:30pm   W  60-12   

Fri Sep 07    Fort Bend Christian                       Away  7:00pm   L  31-36   
Fri Sep 14    Katy Pope John XXIII                      Away  7:00pm   CANCELLED  
Fri Sep 21    Weimar                                    Home  7:30pm   L  21-22   
Fri Sep 28    Cypress Christian                         Home  7:30pm   W  40-0    

Fri Oct 05  * Bryan Brazos Christian                    Away  7:00pm   W  19-18   
Fri Oct 12  * John Paul II                              Home  7:30pm   W  44-20   
Fri Oct 19    open                                                                
Fri Oct 26  * Bryan St. JosepHome                       Away  7:00pm   W  45-14   

Fri Nov 02  * St. Gerard                                Home  7:30pm   W  60-20   
Fri Nov 09  * Sacred Heart                              Away  7:30pm   L  21-28   

Fri Nov 16  # Temple Central Texas Christian        Rockdale  7:30pm   W  44-6    
               (1st Round Playoff)                                                
Fri Nov 23  # League City Bay Area Christian   Waco Robinson  7:00pm   W  44-36   
               (2nd Round Playoff)                                                
Fri Dec 01  # Hallettsville Sacred Heart     Buffalo Stadium  7:00pm   W  49-35   
               (State Semifinal Playoff)            Giddings                      
Fri Dec 07  # Frisco Legacy             Baylor Casey Stadium  7:00pm   W  56-43   
               (State Championship Playoff)             Waco                      


            * District Games                                                      
            # Playoff Games                                                       

              Jake Wachsmuth, Head Coach -    
              Dana Beal, Athletic Director -       

2012 St. Paul High School Cardinal JV Football

Thu Aug 30    Pettus                                   Away  6:00pm              
Thu Oct 04    Sacred Heart                             Away  5:00pm              
Thu Nov 01    Sacred Heart                             Home  5:00pm              

Go Cardinals!

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2012 St. Ludmila Junior High Football

Day Date      Opponent                  Location  Time    

Wed Aug 29    Nazareth (Victoria)           Away  5:30pm  
Thu Sep 06    OLV of Victoria               Home  5:30pm  
Wed Sep 12    Sacred Heart                  Away  5:30pm  
Thu Sep 27    Nazareth (Victoria)           Home  5:30pm  

Wed Oct 03    OLV of Victoria    Field of Dreams  5:30pm  
Wed Oct 10    Sacred Heart                  Home  6:00pm  

            * Conference Games                            

   Assistant Coach -- Jonathan Pesek                      
   Athletic Director -- Dana Beal                         
   St Ludmila Principal -- Neely Yackel                   

Go Cardinals!

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2012 St. Paul Lady Cardinal Volleyball

Date       Opponent                      Site           Time        Teams  

Aug 10     Bracken                       Shiner         10:00      9/JV/V  
Aug 11     St. Joseph/Kenedy Scrimmage   Victoria       10:00      9/JV/V  
Aug 11-12  Calhoun Tournament            Calhoun        TBA        9       
Aug 14     Nixon Smiley                  Shiner         4:30       9/JV/V  
Aug 16-18  Shiner Tournament             Shiner         TBA        V       
Aug 21     Fayetteville                  Shiner         5:00       JV/V    
Aug 24     Yorktown                      Shiner         5:00       V       
Aug 28     Flatonia                      Shiner         5:00       9/JV/V  
Aug 31     Pettus                        Shiner         6:30       V       
Aug30/Sep1 Bash at the Bay Tourney       Pt. Lavaca     TBA        9/JV    

Sep 04     Sacred Heart                  Hallettsville  5/6/7:00   9/JV/V  
Sep 06/08  Flatonia JV Tournament        Flatonia       TBA        9/JV    
Sep 06     First Baptist Academy         San Antonio    5/6:00     JV/V    
Sep 11     New Braunfels Christian       Shiner         6:00       V       
Sep 13     Veritas Academy               Austin         5/6/7:00   JV/V    
Sep 20     Austin Waldorf School         Austin         5/6/7:00   9/JV/V  
Sep 25     Seguin Lifegate               Shiner         5/6:00     JV/V    

Oct 02     First Baptist Academy         Shiner         5/6:00     JV/V    
Oct 04     New Braunfels Christian       New Braunfels  5:30       V       
Oct 09     Veritas Academy               Shiner         5/6/7:00   9/JV/V  
Oct 11     JPII                          San Antonio    5:30/6:30  JV/V    
Oct 12     JPII                          Shiner         5:30       V       
Oct 16     Austin Waldorf School         Shiner         5/6/7:00   9/JV/V  

Oct 23     Bi-District                   TBA            TBA        V       
Oct 27     Area                          TBA            TBA        V       
Oct 30     Regional                      TBA            TBA        V       
Nov 2/3    State Tournament              TBA            TBA        V       

   Head Coach:   Dana Beal                         Mascot:   The Cardinal  
   Asst. Coaches:  Chris Farias/Maci McDonald      Colors:   Red & White   
   Office Phone: 361-594-2442                      Cell:     361-772-8831  
   School Fax:   361-594-8564                      HS Phone: 361-594-2313  
Go Lady Cardinals!

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2012 St. Ludmila Junior High Volleyball

Date     Opponent                         Site          Time(s)  Teams  

Aug 27   Sacred Heart                     Sacred Heart  5:00/6:00  7/8  
Sep 04   St. Philips                      Shiner        5:00/6:00  7/8  
Sep 10   OLV                              Victoria      5:30/6:30  7/8  
Sep 15   Nazareth B Team Tournament       Victoria      TBA          7  
Sep 22   St. Michael's B Team Tournament  Weimar        TBA          8  
Sep 24   Nazareth Academy                 Shiner        5:30/6:30  7/8  
Oct 01   St. Anthony                      Shiner        5:30/6:30  7/8  
Oct 13   Nazareth A Team Tournament       Victoria      TBA          8  

    HEAD COACH:   Dana Beal               MASCOT:  The Cardinal         
    ASST COACH:   Chris Farias            COLORS:  Red & White          
    OFFICE PHONE: 361-594-2442            HS PHONE:   361-594-2313      
    SCHOOL FAX:   361-594-8564            CELL PHONE: 361-772-8831      
Go Lady Cardinals!

red line

2012 Cardinal Cross Country

... sorry, no schedule available ...
Go Cardinals & Lady Cardinals!

red line WINTER 2012-2013 SPORTS SCHEDULES red line

2012-2013 Cardinal Boys & Girls Varsity & JV Basketball

Date       Team                      Place   Teams          Time  

Nov 20     Falls City                Home    JVG/VG         5:00  
Nov 27     Industrial                Home    9/JVG/VG       5:00  
Nov 29     Industrial VG Tourney     Away    VG              TBA  
Nov 30     Hallettsville 9/JV        Away    9G/JVG          TBA  
Dec 6-8    Fayetteville Tournament   Away    VG/VB           TBA  
Dec 07     LaGrange                  Away    JV/V           5:00  
Dec 13     Sacred Heart              Home    JVG/JVB   4:30/5:30  
Dec 13     Sacred Heart              Home    VG/VB     6:30/8:00  
Dec 13-15  Weimar JV Tournament      Away    JVG             TBA  
Dec 21     Alumni Game               Home    VB              TBA  
Dec 27-29  Geneva Tournament         Away    VB              TBA  
Dec 28-29  Shiner High Tournament    Away    VG              TBA  
Jan 02     Bye                                                    
Jan 04     Austin Waldorf            Home    JVB/VG/VB      5:15  
Jan 08     New Braunfels Christian   Home    JVB/VG/VB      5:00  
Jan 11     First Baptist             Away    JVB/VG/VB      5:00  
Jan 15     BYE                                                    
Jan 18     John Paul II              Away    JVG/JVB   4:00/5:00  
Jan 18     John Paul II              Away    VG/VB     6:00/7:30  
Jan 22     Veritas                   Home    JVB/VG/VB      5:15  
Jan 25     Sacred Heart              Away    JV/V           4:00  
Jan 29     Austin Waldorf            Away    JVB/VG/VB      5:15  
Feb 01     New Braunfels Christian   Away    JVB/VG/VB      5:00  
Feb 05     First Baptist             Home    JVB/VG/VB      5:00  
Feb 08     BYE                                                    
Feb 12     John Paul II              Home    JVG/JVB   4:00/5:00  
Feb 12     John Paul II              Home    VG/VB     6:00/7:30  
Feb 15     Veritas                   Away    JVB/VG/VB      5:15  

       Girl's Head Coach: Dana Beal   Assistant: Chris Farias       Mascot: The Cardinal         
       Manager: Kylie Natal                                                                      
       Boy's Head Coach: Jonathan Pesek                       School Colors: Red & White         
       Assistant: Cole Franco & Grady Montgomery                                                 
       Principal: Neely Yackel  HS Phone: 361-594-2313                                           
       Office Phone: 361-594-2442 School Fax: 361-594-8564                                       
Go Cardinals & Lady Cardinals!

red line

2012-2013 St. Ludmila Junior High Boys & Girls Basketball

... sorry, no schedule available ...
Go Cardinals!

red line SPRING 2013 SPORTS SCHEDULES red line

2013 St. Paul Cardinal Boys Baseball

Day Date       Opponent     Location     Time                          

Feb28-Mar2     Yoakum Tournament                                       
Thu Feb 28       LaGrange                    Yoakum           4:30pm   
Fri Mar 01       Gonzales                    Yoakum           9:00am   
Fri Mar 01       Yoakum                      Yoakum           7:45pm   
Sat Mar 02       Hallettsville               Yoakum           11:30am  
Tue Mar 05     LaGrange                    LaGrange         7:00pm     
    Mar 8-9    LaGrange Tournament
Fri Mar 08       Giddings                  LaGrange         11:00am    
Fri Mar 08       TBD                       LaGrange         TBD        
Sat Mar 09       TBD                       LaGrange         TBD        
Mon Mar 11     Yoakum                      Shiner Starplex  6:00pm     
Fri Mar 22     San Antonio Winston         San Antonio      4:00pm     
Tue Mar 26     Victoria Faith Academy      Shiner Starplex  4:00pm     
                (Double Header)                                        
Tue Apr 02     Hallettsville Sacred Heart  Shiner Starplex  6:00pm     
Fri Apr 05     San Antonio Winston         Shiner Starplex  6:00pm     
Tue Apr 09     Victoria Faith Academy      Victoria         4:00pm     
Fri Apr 12     Hallettsville Sacred Heart  Hallettsville    6:00pm     
Tue Apr 16     San Antonio Winston         San Antonio      4:00pm     
Mon Apr 22     Hallettsville Sacred Heart  Shiner Starplex  6:00pm     
Fri Apr 26     Cuero                       Shiner Starplex  6:00pm     
Thu May 02     Area Playoff Game           TBD              TBD        
Mon May 06     Regional Playoff Game       TBD              TBD        
M-T May 13-14  State Baseball Tournament   Waco             TBD        

Head Coach: Cole Franco                                                
Assistant Coach: Jonathan Pesek                                        
Boys Athletic Director: Jake Wachsmuth                                 
Principal: Neely Yackel                                                
Office Number: 361-594-2313                                            

2013 Shiner St. Paul Junior Varsity Baseball Schedule

Date           Opponent   Location      Time  

Mon Mar 04     Flatonia JV    Home    6:00pm  
Tue Mar 05     LaGrange JV    Away    4:00pm  
Mon Mar 11     Yoakum JV      Home    3:00pm  
Mon Mar 18     Moulton JV     Away    5:00pm  
Mon Mar 25     Moulton JV     Home    4:00pm  
    Apr 15     Moulton JV     Home    4:00pm  

Go Cardinals!

red line

2013 St. Paul Lady Cardinal Softball

Date     Opponent     Site     Time     Teams

Tue   Feb 18      Kennedy                Home           6:00     V  
Fri   Feb 22      Schulenburg            Schulenburg    6:00     V  
Th-Sa Feb28-Mar2  Schulenburg Tournament Schulenburg    TBA      V  
Tue   Mar 05      Sacred Heart           Home           6:00     V  
Th-Sa Mar 79     Flatonia Tournament    Flatonia       TBA      V  
Th-Sa Mar 14-16   San Marcos Tournament  San Marcos     TBA      V  
Fri   Mar 22      Faith Academy          Victoria       6:00     V  
Mon   Mar 25      NB Christian           New Braunfels  5:00     V  
Tue   Mar 26      John Paul II           Home           6:00     V  
Wed   Mar 27      Sacred Heart           Hallettsville  6:00     V  
Tue   Apr 02      Faith Academy          Home           6:00     V  
Thu   Apr 08      John Paul II**         Schertz/NB     5:00     V  
Thu   Apr 12      Sacred Heart           Hallettsville  5:00     V  
Tue   Apr 16      Faith Academy          Home           6:00     V  
Fri   Apr 19      NB Christian**         Home           5:00     V  

Thu   Apr 02     Area                    TBA            TBA      V  
Thu   Apr 08     Regional                TBA            TBA      V  
                 STATE                   TBA            TBA      V  

                 BOLD indicates district games                      
                 ** indicates DOUBLE HEADER                         

Head Coach: Chris Farias                                            
Assistants: David Pokluda, Dana Beal, Denise Dix, Krystal Patek     
Athletic Director: Dana Beal                                        
Principal: Neely Yackel                                             
Mascot: The Cardinal                                                
School Colors: Red, White, Black                                    
Office Phone: 361-594-2442                                          
High School Phone: 361-594-2313                                     

Go Lady Cardinals!

red line

2013 Saint Ludmilla Girls Softball

... sorry, no schedule available ...

Go Lady Cardinals!

red line

2013 St. Paul Boys & Girls Golf

sorry, no schedule available ...

Go Cardinals & Lady Cardinals!

red line

2013 St. Paul Boys & Girls Tennis

Thu  Feb 21   Varsity Boys/Girls            Shiner                       
Mon  Mar 25   JV/V Boys and Mixed Doubles   Hallettsville                
Tue  Mar 26   JV/V Girls                    Hallettsville                
Tue  Apr 02   District Seeding              Woodlands                    
Thu  Apr 04   District Seeding              Briarwood                    
                                            Lee LeClear Courts           
Thu  Apr 11   District Meet                 Bay Area Racquet Club        
Wed  Apr 24   State Meet                    Waco Midway High School      
Thu  Apr 25   State Meet                    Waco Regional Tennis Center  

Go Cardinals & Lady Cardinals!

red line

2013 St. Paul Boys & Girls Track

St. Ludmila

Sat Feb 25th   Hallettsville Sacred Heart    5th - 8th grade         
Mon Mar 19th   Weimar Junior High Meet                               

St. Paul High School

Thursday, March 22        Weimar High School Meet            Weimar  
Saturday, March 31        Logos Prep                      Sugarland  
Thursday, April 12        District Track Meet     Houston Christian  
Saturday, April 21        Regional Track Meet         Hallettsville  
Fri/Sat, May 4&5          State Track Meet                     Waco  

Go Cardinals & Lady Cardinals!

red line ST. PAUL SPORTS IN THE NEWS red line

Gonzales Cannon On-Line St. Paul wins shootout
to claim state championship

December 8, 2012
The Gonzales Cannon

Victoria Advocate On-Line Hollenbach lifts Shiner St. Paul
to second title in three years

December 8, 2012
Victoria Advocate

Gonzales Cannon On-Line Cardinals' offensive balance paves way
for another championship game

December 3, 2012
The Gonzales Cannon

Victoria Advocate On-Line Cardinals pass attack comes alive
to beat Sacred Heart

December 1, 2012
Victoria Advocate

Gonzales Cannon On-Line Weimar comeback sinks St. Paul, 22-21
September 22, 2012
The Gonzales Cannon



Gonzales Cannon On-Line Cardinals run wild on Pettus, 60-21
August 31, 2012
The Gonzales Cannon

Gonzales Inquirer On-Line Hollenbach, Cardinals crush Pettus, 60-21
August 31, 2012
Gonzales Inquirer

Victoria Advocate On-Line St. Paul, Sacred Heart Look
To Continue Dominance

August 30, 2012
Victoria Advocate

Gonzales Inquirer On-Line Area teams open seasons tonight
August 30, 2012
Gonzales Inquirer

Gonzales Cannon On-Line Its 'Back to the Future' for St. Paul
(2012 Football Season Preview)

Gonzales Cannon
August 23, 2012

Shiner Comanche Football
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